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Next generation UNDP

Today's development challenges are complex and each context is different. That's why we tailor our work to fit the needs of the countries and communities we serve.

UNDP's Strategic Plan (2022-2025) has been designed to be responsive to the wide diversity of the countries we serve. The diversity is reflected in three directions of change: Structural transformation, leaving no-one behind, and building resilience, six signature solutions and three enablers.

Three directions of change

Structural transformation

Leaving no-one behind

Building resilience

To respond to these issues, and better focus its resources and expertise to deliver on the 2030 Agenda, UNDP has identified a set of approaches that we call our Signature Solutions.


Six Signature Solutions

Signature Solutions are integrated responses to development against which we align our resources and expertise, to make real impact.

Keeping people out of POVERTY

GOVERNANCE for peaceful, just, and inclusive societies

Crisis prevention and increased RESILIENCE

ENVIRONMENT: nature-based solutions for development

Clean, affordable ENERGY

Women's empowerment and GENDER equality

UNDP places gender equality and the empowerment of women at the centre of its development approach. For this reason gender equality principles are at the core of the mandate of UNDP with being one of six signature solutions within current UNDPs Strategic Plan. Gender equality also represents an important accelerator for achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. At the UNDP Country Office level gender equality work is being guided by the Gender Equality Strategy (2021-2025) which provides a localised roadmap to reach the objectives of the corporate UNDP Gender Equality Strategy, and to operationalise the gender actions in the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (2021-2025) and Country Programme Document for BiH (2021-2025), and broader 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development:

  • Strengthened gender mainstreaming throughout programming, across 4 sectors: Energy and Environment, Regional and Rural Development, Justice and Human Security and Sustainable Growth.
  • Strengthened resource mobilization and initiatives to specifically empower women
  • Reliable data and evidence for gender responsive programming, contributing to new gender debates and knowledge production
  • Partnerships to create a multiplier effect for gender equality

UNDP Country Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina has enrolled in the global UNDPs Gender Equality Seal (2021-2022) initiative that generates incentives for solid work on gender equality and helps to improve organizational efficiency to deliver results and greater consistency of performance.

Each Solution includes a mix of policy advice, technical assistance, finance, and programmes. Each solution has the potential to unlock the path to sustainable development. But no one solution will succeed on its own. We need all of them to achieve the SDGs.

Our work

As we implement our new plan for a new era, see how we've been building on our strengths and presence on the ground in close to 170 countries and territories during more than five decades of action.