Peaceful. Just. Inclusive.

Justice and Security

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development features for the first time a universally agreed goal for achieving peaceful, just and inclusive societies: Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16. UNDP sees Goal 16 not only as an enabler for achieving all the 17 SDGs but also as a Goal that is worthwhile achieving in itself. Through our work, we support the peaceful resolution of conflicts and promote the rule of law and access to justice, citizen security and human rights. In addition, we assist governments in strengthening their public institutions, help countries reduce corruption and support inclusive participation to ensure that no one is left behind. 

Activities of the Justice and Security Sector seek to support women, peace, and security agenda and more broadly contribute to the implementation of the third Resolution 1325 Action Plan. The Sector initiates dialogue on this topic with all constituencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, seeking to identify structural and cultural barriers that still hold women back from participating fully and progressing in the justice and security sector to identify entry points for improvement through concrete activities. 

Making a variety of voices heard 

UNDP supports countries in bringing constitutional reforms, organizing credible elections and strengthening parliaments while ensuring the constructive engagement of civil society. We help build the capacities of subnational institutions and actors to deliver public services in a variety of contexts, including urban settings and crisis-affected areas. In post-crisis settings, we focus on restoring the core functions of government, such as civil service management and aid coordination. Our aim is to create an environment where people can have their voices heard - especially women, youth, indigenous people, people with disabilities, and civil society more broadly. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina 

The safety of all communities and people is among the top priorities for UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our Justice and Security Sector supports partners at all levels, from state to local communities, in addressing some of the most critical issues which affect the quality of life of women, men and children countrywide. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, UNDP is dedicated to supporting respective authorities and civil society organizations in ensuring full respect for human rights as part of regional efforts to empower civil society organizations to stand for the rights of vulnerable population groups (notably victims of war crimes), as well as digitalizing human rights monitoring and reporting mechanisms. Furthermore, the country also benefits from UNDP's emerging involvement in cybersecurity. In addition, the Sector focuses on re-orienting human security strategies to reflect more adequately the reality and threats posed by climate change, biodiversity loss, and cybercrimes, ensuring synergies with the climate change and social contract portfolios. In close collaboration with donor organizations and national counterparts, UNDP works on immediate and controlled disposal of remnants of war (unstable ammunition, weapons and unexploded ordnances), reduction of surplus ammunition and improved stockpile management as well as prevention of illicit arms trafficking.