Crisis Prevention & Recovery

Building resilience to conflicts and disasters is at the very heart of UNDP's work. UNDP helps countries prevent armed conflict, alleviate the risk and effects of disasters from natural hazards and build back better and stronger when crises happen. When a crisis strikes, UNDP ensures that while the humanitarian response focuses on the immediate lifesaving needs of a population, those responsible also work towards longer-term development objectives. This approach is called early recovery.

Our Goal

We help more than 80 countries to strengthen development gains in post-crisis countries by helping governments respond to disasters and mitigate the risk they pose; addressing the underlying causes of violence; reinforcing governance and the rule of law; supporting livelihoods; and by using short-term employment schemes that allow local people to rebuild critical infrastructure following disaster.

Facts and figures

In 2013, UNDP was active in 117 countries – assisting households, communities and governments to prevent crises and respond to disasters and conflicts.

In Sudan, for example, UNDP helped approximately 60,000 people to grow and process hibiscus flowers, ground nuts, honey, and animal hides. More

Our stories

Projects and Initiatives


Responding to the crisis in Syria

UN agencies and partners launch largest ever humanitarian appeal for Syrians: US$4.4 billion needed for emergency aid for 2013 more

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