Country Infrastructure Development Initiative

CIDI Project

COUNTRY INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE (CIDI) is a five-year project (2018-2023) that seeks to improve the quality of life for people in Bosnia and Herzegovina through targeted investments in service delivery infrastructure. The project is a partnership between UNDP and the interested local governments and represents an extension of previously implemented projects in the field of public infrastructure.

The CIDI initiative, worth USD 16 million, is primarily funded by the cantonal and local governments in BiH, with co-funding by UNDP.

About CIDI

The project focuses on the improvement of underperforming and underfunded segments of vast array of municipal public services, as well as the establishment of public services which were previously unavailable for the local population. Poor or non-existing public infrastructure, including but not limited to local roads, water supply, sanitation and waste management services, educational and health facilities, seriously impacts the quality of life of citizens on many levels.

The project will contribute to decreasing economic, social and territorial disparities among local governments through coordinated approach by national and sub-national actors, with focus on vulnerable groups (returnees, internally displaced persons, minorities, people with disabilities, socioeconomically disadvantaged, elderly, children, etc).

This will be achieved via following activities:

  1. Address infrastructure investment priorities, as identified in the local integrated development strategies/action plans, ensuring vital public services are in place, and
  2. Implement comprehensive quality assurance regime for all newly constructed or rehabilitated infrastructure projects.

The project is in line with strategic programme priorities of the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (2021-2025) and the UNDP Country Programme Document for Bosnia and Herzegovina (2021-2025)- Outcome 4: “By 2025, people contribute to, and benefit from more accountable and transparent governance systems that deliver quality public services and ensure rule of law.”

Focus area

  • accelerate structural transformations
  • build resilience to shocks and crises

Expected results

  • Up to 420,000 citizens (out of which ca 50% are women) in target localities will benefit from improved access to and quality of vital communal public services, including water supply and sanitation, waste disposal and public service providers such as schools and kindergartens.
  • Approximately 65,000 members of socially excluded and vulnerable groups in target localities will benefit from improved access to and quality of public service delivery. 
  • At least 25 public infrastructure facilities will be rehabilitated or constructed, ensuring vital public services are in place.
  • Comprehensive quality assurance regime will be conducted for all newly rehabilitated or constructed infrastructure projects.



Start date

April 2018

Estimated end date

December 2023

Focus area

Good Governance, Integrated Local Development 


Cantonal and Local Governments in BiH

Project value

16 million USD


Cantonal and Local Governments in BiH