Strengthening Resilience Against Violent Extremism in Asia (STRIVE Asia)

Project summary: 

Through the project activity, it is intended to support the Government of Uzbekistan in the implementation of the "National Strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Countering extremism and terrorism for 2021-2026" by contributing into the efforts in makhallas to improve the socially inclusive decision-making process, develop and implement projects in the field of countering and preventing extremism, meaningful participation of citizens, raising awareness and vigilance of the public and expanding understanding and the knowledge of people in this area, as well as the identification of cases of discontent among the population at an early stage, contributing to extremism.

Main objectives:

Community leaders, government agencies and non-government actors are better prepared to contribute to preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) in line with international standards.

Expected results:

  • capacity building of key individuals at community level to provide counselling and mentorship support to individuals, families and communities in response to early signs of radicalization;
  • establishing relevant advisory groups to represent community interests, organize community dialogues around violent extremism issues, and identify relevant development solutions;
  • creating a sub-granting mechanism for P/CVE activities undertaken by local civil society actors, including women, human rights, youth organizations across pivotal P/CVE areas including community-based reintegration.