Swiss Government and UNDP join forces to promote digital skills among young people of Uzbekistan

Swiss Government Funds UNDP’s initiative on Digital Skills Development for Youth Empowerment in Uzbekistan

June 27, 2023

Photo: UNDP Uzbekistan

The Swiss Government, UNDP and the Ministry of Economy and Finance are proud to announce their collaboration to support the development of the digital economy and skills in Uzbekistan. As reconfirmed during today’s Project Board Meeting, the partnership aims to unlock opportunities for youth economic empowerment through digitalization. 

Photo: UNDP Uzbekistan

The meeting was co-chaired by Mr. Ilkhom Norkulov, Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ms. Rahel Boesch, Deputy Head of Mission, Head of Cooperation, Embassy of Switzerland and Ms. Matilda Dimovska, Resident Representative of UNDP in Uzbekistan. The esteemed guests highlighted the importance of the project and expressed their gratitude for the collaboration and support extended by all stakeholders.

Matilda Dimovska in her welcoming speech highlighted that "Empowering Uzbekistan's youth with digital skills is not just an investment in their future, but a catalyst for inclusive and innovative economic growth, unlocking boundless opportunities in the digital age”. 

Photo: UNDP Uzbekistan

“Switzerland is one of the leading countries for furthering digital start-ups,” said Rahel Boesch “digitalization is not only a global trend, but also key for insuring the inclusion of women in the economy. Digital platforms can help to empower women and youth, especially in rural areas of Uzbekistan.”

Annual work plan for 2023, outlining the strategic direction and activities of the project were on the agenda of the meeting. 

The project focuses on three key areas: enhancing the digital entrepreneurship environment and digital skills of young entrepreneurs, strengthening institutional capacities for fostering digital economy and digital entrepreneurship policies with a focus on youth, and unlocking finance solutions to improve youth's financial inclusion and opportunities for nurturing digital entrepreneurship projects and start-ups. With a target of around 13,000 direct beneficiaries, including young women and individuals from rural areas, the project aims to empower youth by providing them with the necessary skills, tools, and support to thrive in the digital economy.

This collaborative effort will be implemented jointly with various partners, including the Ministry of Economy and Finance, IT Park, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ministry for Development of Digital Technologies, Ministry of Employment and Poverty Reduction, Ministry of Investments, Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture, and other development partners. By leveraging the expertise and resources of all stakeholders, the project aims to create a favorable environment for digital entrepreneurship and contribute to sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Uzbekistan. The project will also build on the other ongoing interventions of UNDP in support of digitalization and entrepreneurship.

Through continued collaboration and collective efforts, the project aims to foster creating a brighter future for the youth and drive positive change in the country.