UNDP helps improve access to external markets

April 5, 2023
Photo: UNDP Uzbekistan

On 27-31 March UNDP jointly with the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Trade, and the International Trade Center UNCTAD/WTO organized a five-day training on the use of trade analysis tools and evaluation of foreign markets. The training was attended by more than 25 representatives of ministries and agencies involved in export promotion, as well as representatives of the private sector and non-governmental associations.

Expanding the geography of product exports to new markets involves conducting preliminary in-depth marketing research on potential markets, assessing international and regional demand, making strategic decisions on design, pricing and promotion of products. At the same time, the solution to these problems requires certain skills, financial and labor costs. In this regard, national trade support institutions should be able to advise entrepreneurs on entering foreign markets.

Photo: UNDP Uzbekistan

The training was aimed at building the capacity and skills of representatives of government agencies, private companies and non-governmental associations related to exports, in terms of using online databases and their market analysis tools to prepare quantitative data on exports of specific products and evaluate their export potential.

The event was attended by more than 25 representatives of government, private companies and non-governmental associations related to exports.

Photo: UNDP Uzbekistan

The training program included sessions on the use of modern tools of the UNCTAD/WTO International Trade Center (ITC) "Central Asia Trade Information", "Trade Map" and "Market Access Map", which provide an opportunity to obtain up-to-date trade information, determine the target market for export products, level of competition, market access conditions, study of trade agreements and rules of origin, as well as product quality and packaging requirements. As part of the training, participants also worked in small groups to prepare Quantitative Export Factsheet (QEF) brief reports on priority products.

At the end of the training, participants received up-to-date trade information on identifying a target market for export products and also acquired necessary skills to use modern ITC tools "Central Asia Trade Information Portal", "Trade Map" and "Market Access Map".