December 21, 2022
Image: UNDP Uzbekistan

UNDP within the framework of the joint project with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Support for an inclusive transition to a green economy in the agri-food sector and the development of a climate-smart knowledge system and Innovation in Agriculture in Uzbekistan (EU-AGRIN)”, funded by the European Union announces a contest for Innovative Ideas to development of Agriculture in Uzbekistan.

Innovative ideas are should be implemented in Tashkent, Fergana, and Kashkadarya regions.

The Innovation Groups should be established in partnership of minimum 2 or more entities to introduce new innovative solutions needed for improvement of agriculture production, through a short project, up to 2 years duration.

Any project idea proposed by potential Innovation Groups should be closely connected with promotion of sustainable agriculture and related topics, as water saving, soil preservation and management, climate change adaptation and mitigation etc. (Detailed information about competition)

During the project implementation, partners within Innovation Group will be able to receive financial support for their activities and to purchase needed equipment, according to the established rules. Innovation groups can apply for any activity/project within the following areas:

  • Renewable energy (solar and bioenergy)
  • Energy efficiency and application of renewable energies in agri-food value chains
  • Digital technology for climate-smart agri-food chains
  • Pest resistant and/or heat stress-tolerant seed and crop varieties
  • Climate-smart agriculture initiatives to limit greenhouse emissions (crop and livestock focused)
  • Integrated land-water resource management
  • Reduction of post-harvest losses
  • Circular economy / waste management in agriculture and agri-food industry
  • Conservation agriculture

The selection process for potential Innovation Groups consists of 2 phases.

I Phase: During the first step potential Innovation Groups will provide general information about the project idea and planned composition of the Group (partners). Initial screening of project ideas will be conducted by a dedicated Technical evaluation committee. 

II Phase: After initial screening of the project ideas and scoring process, selected Innovation Groups will be invited to submit detailed project proposals, including methodology, comprehensive work plan and budget. Project proposals will be finally evaluated by the dedicated Technical evaluation committee.

The project will provide reimbursement for the costs related to work of Innovation Groups. 

The maximum amount of each project support will be 450,000.000 UZS for the duration of a maximum of two fiscal years.     

Project ideas can be submitted by any member of a potential Innovation group. An applicant should submit a project idea by using template provided (here in Uzbek) to the email 4agroinnovation@gmail.com before 9th January 2023.