Third Call for Young Roma for Training Programs and Placement in Local Institutions

January 21, 2020

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and United Nations Volunteers (UNV) in Serbia are announcing the Third Call for Applications, targeting young Roma women and men in at least 15 municipalities, who are interested in developing their capacities to influence social and political processes related to Roma inclusion, and are willing to work with local institutions or civil society organizations to increase their commitment towards Roma inclusion, as well as to advocate for the interests of the Roma community.

In this cycle, the project aims to contribute to the training and engagement of at least 15 young Roma people, primarily IDPs, in local governments and/or other governmental or non-governmental institutions at the local level.

The training program for at least 15 selected candidates will be implemented from March to May 2020. The training program will be implemented through four two-day workshops. Participation in trainings is required in order to receive a certificate of successful completion of the training. Participants of the training program will be provided with accommodation and refunded transportation costs in the amount of a return bus ticket for each training module.

Program participants who successfully complete the training will be inducted into a UN volunteer pool to work in local institutions. At least 15 participants will be engaged in institutions through UNV contracts. The engaged young volunteers will be tasked to transfer the acquired knowledge and skills to the beneficiary institutions as well as to the beneficiaries of these institutions. The volunteer engagement will last for 6 months, after which all participants will receive a certificate of completed volunteering to support the process of their continued employment.

Candidates enrolled in the training program will have the following benefits:

· Access to specialized knowledge and training relevant to the profile of professionals in the field of social inclusion;

· Opportunity to engage in 2020, with an adequate amount of reimbursement for living expenses during volunteer work;

· Access to the latest information on national and international initiatives on social inclusion;

· Familiarity with the system and work of the United Nations agencies: UNHCR / UNDP / UNV.

All information about the program, application and evaluation can be found at this link in Serbian only. 

Iskustva mladih Roma i Romkinja koji su učestvovali u prethodnom ciklusu programa