Important Announcement to Suppliers / Bidders: Transition to Quantum On-Line System in UNDP’s Procurement Processes 

We are pleased to inform you of the UNDP’s global transition to the new ERP Quantum in UNDP’s procurement processes, due to the Atlas eTendering system’s retirement. 

UNDP’s Quantum is an on-line system that will manage interaction with suppliers for solicitation processes (tenders, which are called “negotiations” in the new system) and the respective contracts management. 

The Quantum on-line system aims to enhance the integrity and transparency of the procurement process and enables the streamlining of the processes: Suppliers can use on-line portal to view solicitation documents, submit their bids, communicate with procurement office, etc.   

Quantum addresses UN’s fundamental procurement values, such as fairness, integrity, transparency and accountability.  

Some of the main benefits of the Quantum are: 

  • No late submissions are accepted: The system will automatically not accept any bid after the deadline (date and time clearly indicated in each negotiation). 

  • Electronic sealed bids: The system encrypts the bids submitted in the system and does not allow anyone to view any information provided before the bidding deadline.  

  • Electronic stamping of the bids: The system stamps all information submitted by suppliers and prevents anyone from altering, deleting, or adding anything to the bid after the deadline for submission. 

  • Streamlines the bidding process: Suppliers can register in the system, retrieve all information and solicitation documents, submit their bid online, edit it directly in the system prior the deadline for submission, and receive automatic notifications once the evaluation is finalized and the contract is awarded. 

  • Provides an audit trail: As the Supplier Portal system records all activity in the system, it keeps an audit trail for increased accountability and transparency. 


Suppliers aiming to participate in UNDP’s procurements must have their profile registered in the Quantum.  Detailed instructions for Supplier Registration are provided in the Quantum Procurement - User Guide for UNDP Suppliers - October 2022 below. In case the Supplier already has supplier profile registered in Quantum, please login to the Quantum’s Supplier Portal and then search for a negotiation (tender) of interest and submit a bid as per the instructions provided in the aforementioned User Guide.  

For any queries related to the particular procurement cases organized by the UNDP Serbia, please contact the UNDP Serbia Procurement Unit at and clearly indicate the reference number of the Quantum negotiation (particular tender of interest) and provide brief description of the tender’s issue in the Subject and text of the e-mail. 


For more information, resources and guides on UNDP’s procurement please visit the UNDP’s webpages for which links are provided below. 

We are looking forward to the successful utilization of the Quantum system and are thanking you for expressing interest to cooperate with UNDP! 

Quantum Procurement - User Guide for UNDP Suppliers - October 2022

Quantum Procurement - Quantum Supplier Portal - Webinar for Suppliers

Vendor Protest

UNDP’s vendor protest procedure provides an opportunity for appeal to those persons or firms not awarded a purchase order or contract through a competitive procurement process. In the event that a Proposer believes that it was not treated fairly, the following link provides further details regarding UNDP vendor protest procedures. Please consult UNDP Policy against Fraud and other Corrupt Practices.

Useful links: 

UNDP Procurement Notices 

Quantum Supplier Portal 

UNDP General Procurement Information (in UN Languages) - Doing Business with UNDP - How We Buy 

Tenders / Procurement Notices

 Procurement notices for contracts over $100,000


Procurement Notice

Amounts awarded (USD)

Vendor selected/Date of Contract


Preparation of Technical Documentation for the completion of the Construction and provision of the Design Supervision Service during the Construction of 11 story Student Dormitory in the City of Nis


Masinoprojekt Kopring, Serbia, 16/05/2022


Provision of national online IT training programs


Poslovno udruženje Vojvodanski IKT klaster Novi Sad, Serbia, 13/07/2022


Provision of national online IT training programs


Fakultet organizacionih nauka Univerziteta u Beogradu, Serbia, 13/07/2022


Supervision of Construction Works on sewage system in Gornji Milanovac


Arhitektonsko-Gradevinski Institut, Serbia, 20/07/2022


Development of Environmental Strategy: Green Agenda for Serbia


PricewaterhouseCoopers d.o.o. Beograd, Serbia, 26/08/2022


Preparation of the Design for Execution of Works for the Construction of the New University Children’s Hospital “Tiršova 2”


Arhitektonsko-Gradevinski Institut, Serbia, 12/09/2022


Supervision of Construction Works on sewage system in Pecinci


Beohidro d.o.o., Serbia, 10/10/2022


Construction works of water supply pipeline in Mionica Municipality


Hidrokontrol d.o.o., Serbia, 13/10/2022


Feasibility Study for Wastewater Collection and Treatment Project for the Municipality of Veliko Gradiste  


Posch & Partner GmbH, Austria, 13/10/2022


Final evaluation of MPTF, and UNDP Regional Project


First Call Partners, UK, 3/11/2022


Preparation of Interior Designs for ITP Kruševac and STP Cacak


Energoprojekt Urbanizam i Arhitektura ad, Serbia, 07/11/2022


Enhancement of security and safety of the “Duvanište” SALW storage location of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) of the Republic of Serbia, Re-advertized


Jugogradnja d.o.o., Serbia, 15/11/2022


Ambulance vehicles


Markonis Nis, Mirjana Mitic PR, Serbia 16/11/2022


Border Police Equipment for Montenegro


SHOT d.o.o. Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina 21/11/2022


Supervision of Construction Works on National Theater in Belgrade, Museum of Yugoslavia and National Theater in Niš


Krip-inzenjering d.o.o., Serbia, 25/11/2022


Preparation of Technical Documentation for the Reconstruction and Extension of Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Reconstruction and Construction of Sewage Network in the Municipality of Becej


Arhitektonsko-Gradevinski Institut, Serbia, 01/12/2022


Soft skills, Digital skills and Vocational education technical (VET) trainings curricula and trainings delivery for returnees in Novi Sad, Bujanovac and Valjevo


Zanatsko obrazovni centar Adzija doo Novi Sad, Serbia, 30/12/2022


Development of Information System to facilitate MRV of greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Law on Climate Change and EU Acquis


TCOM doo, Serbia, 31/01/2023


Preparation of the Design for Building Permit and Design for Execution of Works for the Construction of the BIO4 Campus – Part I


Arhitektonsko-Gradevinski Institut, Serbia, 13/03/2023


Preparation of the Design for Building Permit and Design for Execution of Works for the Construction of the BIO4 Campus – Part II


Masinoprojekt Kopring, Serbia, 13/03/2023


Watercraft engines


Unit Export Limited, UK, 3/4/2023