Global Marine Commodities (GMC) Project: Our Model and Early Results




Global Marine Commodities (GMC) Project: Our Model and Early Results

April 15, 2020

UNDP is currently implementing an innovative project called the Global Sustainable Supply Chains for Marine Commodities Project (GMC Project).  This report describes its unique approach to engaging different public and private sector actors along the seafood supply chain to drive sustainability into 9 distinct fisheries in Asia and Latin America.  We invite you to learn more about this initiative in this first presentation of the model and early results of the GMC Project.

​After two years of implementation, the GMC Project shares its model and compelling results to promote sustainable fisheries for the Blue Economy. The project has facilitated new fisheries policy consultation forums in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Indonesia and has strengthened the fisheries management Technical Working Groups in the Philippines. These forums have generated the Costa Rica Large Pelagic National Action Plan (NAP) and are currently building or updating another eight national action and management plans in the other three countries. Thanks to the GMC project partner Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), international seafood buyers and retailers are taking an active role in supporting sustainability improvements in the project’s target fisheries. In addition, by employing emerging market tools such as sustainable seafood purchasing policies, Supply Chain Roundtables with seafood importers, and 6 Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs), SFP is also helping the private sector in both producing and consuming countries make direct contributions to the integration of sustainability into seafood supply chains.