Transformational Business


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Transformational Business

November 10, 2017

This report is the rst of its kind in the country. It showcases the preliminary results of the online portal’s survey on how businesses are aligning their core business processes, activities, and initiatives with the SDGs.

The narratives presented in the report are based on actual contributions and desk research. It highlights 139 initiatives from 75 reporting companies, of which 40% are voluntary submissions through the portal and 60% are sourced from publicly-disclosed information through desk research.

Most initiatives presented in this report began before the UN launched the SDGs in September 2015. Their inclusion indicates that the private sector was already in the business of sustainable development even before its aspects were formalized into the SDGs.

Based on the submitted initiatives with disclosed investments information, a total of Php 40.7 billion have already been invested in SDG-aligned core business practices and programs in the Philippines.

The report does not encapsulate the entirety of the contributions of the private sector. Also, the reported investments are only based on disclosed information and may vary in timelines. These models, however, are able to give us an idea on where companies are concentrating their efforts on and where we need more infusion of capital.