Baseline for Circular Economy in the Philippines

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Baseline for Circular Economy in the Philippines

April 22, 2024

Produced through the Accelerating Nationally Determined Contributions through Circular Economy in Cities (ACE) Project, with the support of KPMG, The Baseline for Circular Economy in the Philippines: A Data Compilation is a  UNDP project in partnership with DENR and with financial support from the Government of Japan. 

The report establishes a comprehensive set of indicators for circular economy in the Philippines. These indicators are crafted through collaboration with key government stakeholders at both national and local levels, serving as the initial baseline for the transition from linear to circular practices. 

Recognizing the dynamic nature of this transition, the framework adopts a phased approach, allowing for gradual development and incorporation of indicators. This facilitates consistent and dependable data collection, measurement, and monitoring over time. The framework is structured around three main pillars: governance and infrastructure, environment, and business and technology.