Philippine SDG Investor Map

SDG Investor Map

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Philippine SDG Investor Map

March 20, 2024

Produced by UNDP Philippines, with the support of Temasek Trust’s Centre for Impact Investing and Practices and the UNDP SDG Impact, the Philippines SDG Investor Map report details the twelve (12) investment opportunity areas or IOAs identified for the country,  covering seven (7) sectors, and supporting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG Investor Maps are market intelligence tools that help the private sector identify investment themes in emerging markets which have significant potential to advance the SDGs that are aligned to government policies and sustainable national development needs. It seeks to address the need for more private capital to be channeled to the developing market, and for the funding to contribute to the SDGs. Private sector investors who are looking for SDG investments can use the SDG Investor Maps to explore investment themes in the knowledge that they are aligned to the identified SDG needs in the country and the government’s development priorities.

The Philippines’ Map was prepared through close collaboration with the government and the private sector. More information about the 12 IOAs of the Philippines are also available through the global platform -