Support to Local Government Response to the Migration Crisis

Project summary

    This project is helping the municipalities of Gevgelija and Kumanovo to deal with the aftermath of the refugee crisis with a series of activities, including the construction of a new EU-standard landfill and the restoration of a drinking-water pumping station in Gevgelija.


    In Kumanovo, UNDP focuses on the most-affected village of Tabanovce, where it will fix a local road and help repair a primary school. It also assists Kumanovo with introducing modern waste-management solutions,sorting facility for recycling, and the purchase of heavy-duty waste-management equipment for both municipalities.

Expected Results:

  • Increased community mobilization, social cohesion and resilience, and in the same time improved living conditions for 200,000 local residents;
  • Strengthened National and local level crisis response coordination mechanisms;
  • New landfill to be the first in the country to meet all the EU’s high waste-management standards for ‘sanitary landfills’;
  • Purchase of new garbage trucks, bins and compacting equipment in Gevgelija and Kumanovo;
  • Reconstruction of roads in Tabanovce and a schoolyard in Sopot in Kumanovo;
  • Construction of flood-prevention infrastructure along the Lipkovska River in Kumanovo;
  • Reconstruction of a pumping station for drinking water in Gevgelija.