Improving municipal governance

Project summary

The project aims to improve people’s lives by helping municipal governments to secure the funds and develop the skills they need to deliver high-quality public services to residents of all local communities in the country. The decentralization process has devolved a wide range of responsibilities from central to local governments, still many municipalities struggle to provide adequate services to their constituents.


The project will address these shortcomings particularly in the small urban and rural municipalities, assisting them in designing and providing services for the needs of specific groups, particularly women, minorities and vulnerable or marginalized groups such as persons with disabilities. The project activities are designed to contribute to a more inclusive local development and more balanced regional development in the country.

Expected Results:

  • Improved monitoring, design and provision of already decentralized services;
  • Developed institutional mechanisms, processes and tools to produce effective, efficient and coherent policies for sustainable local development;
  • 30 small urban and rural municipalities (26.000 EUR per municipality) and the 8 planning regions (33.000 EUR per region) receive financial support to implement priority projects in the areas of social cohesion, environmental management and infrastructure, local economic growth and development;
  • 30 Integrated and Inclusive Local Development Plans developed for the selected municipalities. The plans will guide the local development process and will allow municipalities to focus on effective use of resources, speed up delivery, attract additional funds, strengthen democracy, promote co-ordination between local and central government.
  • Quality of Life reports created for all 80+1 municipalities and one national Quality of Life Reporting System established. The reporting system is a tool for community organizations, research institutes, and government institutions allowing them to: identify and promote awareness of issues affecting quality of life in the municipalities, better target policies and resources aimed at improving quality of life, inform and influence decision-makers across the country;
  • Platform for Local Integrated Knowledge developed. The Platform will function as an interactive information, knowledge sharing and feedback collecting system for advanced knowledge and skills and best practices in local development.
  • Comprehensive capacity development Program and trained 81 LSGUs in efficient tax collection, stable financial management and internal financial control;