Building Municipal Capacity for Project Implementation

Project Summary

The project aims at supporting the municipalities in the country to make full use of the funds available from the central government, the European Union (EU), international financial institutions and other donors, through strengthening their capacity to prioritize, formulate and implement development projects.


To create a municipal sustainable development index that is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and establish a technical documentation fund that will provide financial resources to the less-developed municipalities.

Expected results:

  • Created municipal “sustainable development index” that is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and will serve as an instrument of local development policy by helping authorities at all levels plan and distribute development funds to promote balanced socio-economic growth and facilitate the monitoring of development progress;
  • Performed functional analysis of the MLSG and the local governance system, with a focus on its ability to deliver development progress at the local level. The analysis will pinpoint structural changes that could help municipalities to do better job on local development initiatives and capture the new opportunities that will arise during the EU accession process;
  • Established technical documentation fund that will provide the financial resources that less-developed municipalities need to undertake necessary preparatory work (infrastructure designs, urbanization plans, feasibility studies) for development projects that are eligible for EU, state or donor funding, either through direct grants or low-interest loans.