Launch of the International Blue Justice Tracking Center to assist developing countries in the fight against illegal fishing

9. July 2021

Photo: Blue Justice Initiative

Oslo, July 9th, 2021 -An International Blue Justice Tracking Center has been established under the Blue Justice Initiative. The Center will be supported by the joint analytical unit of the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries and the Coastal Administration and is located in the town of Vardø, Norway. 

The Center will be supported by analysts from the Norwegian Fisheries Directorate who will work together with colleagues around the world to produce reports on the movement of fishing vessels and potential illegal fishing operations. 

As an important part of the Blue Justice initiative, the Center will also work closely with UNDP and other partners of the initiative like UNODC’s Container Control Programme and UNODC’s Global Maritime Crime Programme.

The Blue Justice Initiative responds to the need to cooperate and build capacity to address transnational organized crime in the global fishing industry.

Criminals seek out the most vulnerable regions of the world in which to conduct their activities, typically states with limited resources to prevent and combat organized crime. An important element of the Blue Justice Initiative is therefore to support developing countries implement measures to deter and counter transnational organized fisheries crime.

Learn more about the Blue Justice Initiative and the new International Tracking Center here:

Norwegian Minister of Trade Industry and Fisheries at the Norwegian Coastal Administration's maritime traffic center in Vardø. Photo: Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and fisheries