Women of Montenegro

Women of Montenegro

April 10, 2022

The monograph “Women of Montenegro” was made with the desire to depict women and their role in the outline of Montenegrin history in accordance with the attainable historical material.

Within this monograph, we shed light on unjustly neglected women and pay tribute to contribution they had made in the development of Montenegro. We bring available facts about their lives and works, regardless to the matter if it was noted down by a woman celebrating their emancipatory pledge, or whether it was written based on historical records under heavy influence of patriarchy and often they were tied to the personality and work of male family members.

Special emphasis in this publication was on the original portraits - illustrations of women, and some of our women were depicted for the first time. As authors and editors, we tried to make the monograph articulate and accessible to everyone, regardless of age or gender.

The book “Women of Montenegro” is first of all a story about identity, and consequently emancipatory in perception of struggle for women’s rights in society.

This selection of portrayed women represents contribution in presentation of women and their undeniable influence on various historical courses through more than two millennia existence of Montenegro.

Women who arrived from other countries but participated in the development of Montenegrin society were chosen, and there are also our women from Montenegro who established and emaciated environments where they lived with their talent and work.

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