Diagnostics of socio-economic situation of coal region Pljevlja

Diagnostics of socio-economic situation of coal region Pljevlja

June 15, 2023

This diagnostic analysis of socio-economic situation will serve as a starting point for identifying and resolving challenges in Montenegro’s gradual reduction of coal use based on the principles of a just transition.

The analysis is based on consultations with representatives of key companies in the coal value chain, labor unions, local government, local businessmen, municipal management, and the nongovernmental sector, as well as information gathered from secondary and primary data sources. A survey was also conducted among the employees of the TPP Pljevlja and the Coal Mine for the purposes of the analysis. In addition, focus group discussions with employees were organised.

The goal is to collect relevant data about the current state and needs of the local population, the business community, and all important actors in society who are socioeconomically dependent on the coal-based electricity production chain through the lens of this region’s and Montenegro’s future development.

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