Women in Western Balkan economies in a nutshell

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Women in Western Balkan economies in a nutshell

February 27, 2023

This paper provides overview of the status of women in economies of Western Balkans and impact of public policies aimed to underline importance of economic empowerment of women and what does it entail.

Every economy depends upon the economic contributions of both women and men. Still, the environment for economic activity in countries often includes numerous barriers that disadvantage women as they pursue employment, business, and investment opportunities. 

This paper provides review of the key elements of the enabling environment for women in the economy that encompasses the legal and regulatory framework in WB6, policies and practices in place, including social norms that support women to operate in the formal economy or improve basic conditions for fostering of women’s entrepreneurship. Around the Western Balkans region, women’s labour force participation rates are unequal to men’s, decent work opportunities are limited, and significant gender pay gaps in the labour market remain.

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