UNDP in Montenegro

About us

About UNDP in Montenegro

In promoting sustainable human development, UNDP Montenegrosupports the country’s European Union accession priorities, building on its global development network, access to innovative solutions, knowledge, experience and resources. We do so by (i) advancing democratic society and accountable institutions with greater citizens’ participation, (ii) building an inclusive society with equal opportunity to all citizens to reach their full potential and (iii) promoting green future through market transformation toward a low emission, resource efficient and resilient economy.

What do we want to accomplish?

Assisting Montenegro in its key reform agenda and on the European accession path has and will continue to be at the core of UNDP work. In partnership with the government, NGOs, municipalities and other actors, we are focused on results in three main areas namely Democratic Governance, Social Inclusion and Sustainable Development.

The priority of UNDP operating within the framework of the “Delivering as One” is subsequently to help link policy with practice in addressing the challenges of sustainable human development and European Union accession, through policy support, technical assistance, innovation and knowledge management.

What are our results?

We support three key reforms: Public Administration, Judiciary and Security sector reform while the overarching priority, the EU accession process is supported through the Capacity Development Programme (CDP). Since 2003, the CDP has contributed to achieving of each milestone in the European Integration process: preparation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement and its implementation; preparation for the EU accession through strengthening the capacities of state administration and specifically EU accession negotiation structures, as well as through developing of key strategic documents, including the National Programme for Integration (NPI), Economic and Fiscal Programme (EFP), Pre-Accession Economic Programme (PEP), the Public Administration Reform Strategy, etc.

In advancing the Social Welfare Agenda of Montenegro, UNDP has supported setting-up of 23 local level social services: home assistance and day care centres for the elderly, personal assistance and day care centres for persons with disabilities, SOS telephones for victims of domestic violence, family/youth counseling and services of rehabilitation and social reintegration of drug addicts.

In the area of Sustainable Development, we help the country move towards low emissions, resource efficient economy and to increase resilience of ecosystems, economies, and communities. Our work towards a resource efficient economy relates for instance on energy efficiency based formalization, energy efficiency interventions in cultural heritage buildings, sustainable tourism and improved environmental monitoring.