Digital skills: Needs and opportunities

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Digital skills: Needs and opportunities

September 5, 2023

This document presents the main findings of the Research on the Current Offer and Needs of the Market in Relation to Digital Skills, which is aimed at identifying the gaps, emerging needs and opportunities for action to improve both the supply and demand sides of digital skills, which would contribute to efficient development of a modern labour market which will be able to respond and maintain competitiveness on all fronts and in the face of all emerging trends. The aim of the research was achieved through cooperation with a wide array of stakeholders from various levels of institutional, organizational and business authorities and competences.

An integrated and inclusive approach to the overall project was taken with the aim not only of addressing and analysing digital and ICT skills from various perspectives, ranging from the systems of formal education to development of digital skills and their integration in the labour market, but also of determining an institutional and regulatory framework for future development and more efficient integration of digital skills in the Montenegrin labour market.

Thus, this report provides not only an overview of the current level of digital skills of the workforce, but also a map of the potential areas for further action that can be taken at all levels, all of which are based on mutual cooperation of all the relevant stakeholders in all segments of society, thus including public institutions, the business sector, education providers, civil society and individual responsibilities in this process.

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