Women with economic activities in agriculture from 16 districts will benefit from assistance to boost energy efficiency

March 21, 2024

Women with economic activities in agriculture from 16 districts can obtain assistance in enhancing energy efficiency and implementing renewable energy solutions by participating in a call for proposals, open during 21 March – 15 April 2024. 

In total, 75 energy resilience enhancement proposals will be supported by UNDP Moldova with the financial support of Switzerland and Japan:

  • The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation will finance through UNDP 45 proposals: 30 worth up to US$6,000 each submitted by women with agricultural activities at household level (extended deadline 8 May for this category) and 15 proposals of up to $18,000 each submitted by owners of small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises.
  • The Government of Japan will support through UNDP 30 proposals: 20 worth up to $5,000 each, submitted by agricultural producers at households level and 10 proposals of $10,000 each, submitted by small and medium-sized agricultural producers. 

The support will be provided for activities such as: installation of photovoltaic panels and equipment for biogas production, installation of heat pumps, biomass boilers, for various energy efficiency measures in warehouses and rooms used in the production process, but also for other actions that contribute to increasing the energy autonomy of the micro agricultural enterprises, small and medium headed by women. 

Women and entrepreneurs from Telenești, Ungheni, Șoldănești, Hîncești, Sîngerei, Briceni, Orhei, Strășeni, Criuleni, Dubăsari, Florești, Rezina, Cantemir, Căușeni, Cahul, Taraclia districts are invited to participate in the call for proposal: women with economic activities in agriculture at household level, women who manage peasant households, individual enterprises, LLCs, entrepreneurs' associations and who can contribute with at least 20 percent of the amount requested in the proposal.

The forms and conditions for participation and evaluation criteria for the proposals are available here.

The support, totaling approximately $650,000, provided as equipment and/or services, complements the efforts to strengthen women's capacities in sustainable agricultural practices and integrated energy efficiency. In March-April 2024, 10 informational sessions are organized for 350 people in 16 districts, covering topics like: energy efficiency measures, environmentally friendly activities, and their application in agriculture.

The assistance for the green energy transition of the women-led agricultural activities is part of the joint UNDP-FAO project "Emergency support to agri-producers in the context of the socio-economic, climate and energy crisis" financially supported by the Austrian Development Agency and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the project "Multidimensional response to emerging human security challenges" funded by the Government of Japan.

In December 2023, another 30 women-led agricultural businesses were selected under a call for proposals and are receiving support from the Austrian Development Agency to increase the energy efficiency of their businesses.