Sun Dă-i Fest 2024 – the festival of green technologies and sustainable living

June 16, 2024

Sun Dă-i Fest 2024, the most eco-friendly festival in the Republic of Moldova, has returned with its eighth edition, dedicated to promoting energy efficiency, raising awareness of environmental issues, and fostering sustainable development. The festival took place on 16 June in the “Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt” public garden, bringing together communities that advocate for renewable energy and showcasing green technologies: from photovoltaic panels and heat pumps to models of houses designed with minimal energy loss. The event was organized by UNDP Moldova in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Environment, with financial support from the European Union, Denmark, and Japan.

Visitors participated in captivating activities – from fun for kids, teenagers, and adults to presentations of the latest technologies and equipment powered by renewable energy, offering inspiration and valuable information. One of the event's highlights was the bicycle that generated electricity used to light up a model map of the Republic of Moldova. By pedaling, people could see how their energy could be transformed into electricity.

“Each of us plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. By adopting eco-friendly practices in our daily lives, we can contribute to a brighter future. Sun Dă-i Fest serves as an annual platform to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire active participation from everyone. This year, over 70 environmental organizations and companies are joining the event to showcase innovative clean energy solutions and eco-products,” said Daniela Gasparikova, UNDP Resident Representative to the Republic of Moldova.

The event provided participants with the opportunity to learn more about renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other aspects related to reducing climate impact. Over 70 environmental organizations and companies presented their technological innovations and sold handmade products.

“Innovation serves as the catalyst for driving forward the necessary green transition to combat climate change. By embracing new ideas, technologies, and approaches, we can create a sustainable future that prioritizes environmental preservation and addresses the urgent challenges of our changing climate,” said Solomon Ioannou, Programme Manager at the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova.

The sustainable energy alley set up at the festival highlighted new technologies in the field of solar energy and other green energy sources. Models of solar panels, heat pumps, eco-friendly thermal insulation materials, biomass installations, and models of houses designed to have minimal heat loss were displayed. Thus, participants interacted directly with experts and discovered concrete solutions to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

“Political leaders in the world still constantly talk about the need for higher economic growth. Business leaders are pursuing ever greater profits. Yes, everyone wants to have a comfortable life, including myself. But economic growth is highly co-related with the greater use of energy, resources, and water. Scientists are warning that our consumption of resources already far exceeds the carrying capacity of the Planet Earth,” declared Yoichiro Yamada, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Moldova.

Sun Dă-i Fest hosted a practical exercise on how to choose energy efficiency measures for homes to reduce bill costs. Later, participants tested their knowledge in green energy and energy efficiency and received prizes.

For children the festival offered the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. The youngest visitors enjoyed educational and entertaining activities such as face painting, a climbing wall, and interactive scientific presentations about energy resources. These activities helped them better understand the concept of sustainability and environmental protection.

The festival culminated with a live music concert featuring Valeria Pasha, Marej, Snails, Dunaf Band, Aliona Moon and Pasha Parfeni.

Sun Dă-i Fest 2024 is part of the European Sustainable Energy Week, organized annually in European countries to promote renewable energy sources and efficient energy use.