Switzerland and UNDP will continue to support diaspora engagement for enhancing economic development of native communities

July 6, 2023

Switzerland and UNDP start a new project aiming to enhance the participation of diaspora in the sustainable development of their home communities - “Strengthen social cohesion through inclusive participation and empowered citizens”. The project, with a total budget of US$1,400,000, will be implemented during 2023-2026.

“Everything related to migration is important to us. The State Chancellery will strengthen its cooperation efforts with partners and fulfill necessary commitments by fostering more inclusive, accountable, and responsive governance,” said Adrian Băluțel, the State Secretary of the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

The project will build upon the community cooperation and diaspora engagement framework established in 2015-2022 through Switzerland-UNDP interventions, which resulted in bringing together local public authorities, NGOs/hometown associations, private sector, and people, including migrants originating from target communities. Thanks to these partnerships, more than 116 localities from the Republic of Moldova and 556,000 people have benefited from improved livelihoods and local public services.

Going forward, local communities will be supported in their efforts to advance democratic practices and improve public participation. The project will also work on empowering local public authorities, hometown associations and local action groups to engage in community development and social cohesion initiatives.

The project will also provide continued support for the development of the Alliance of Hometown Associations, platform created with Switzerland-UNDP support, that consolidates more than 160 initiative groups and registered hometown associations and is expected to become a fully sustainable national-level umbrella organization, active as a resource center and promoter of democratic practices and social cohesion, with an active engagement of diaspora representatives.

“The strength of the Hometown Associations has a significant impact in our communities. Through cooperation with the UNDP and Switzerland, we hope to further consolidate the connections and synergies between the diaspora, local communities, and national authorities, thus contributing to sustainable development based on the principles of good governance,” said Anastasia Rusu, Executive Director of the Alliance of Hometown Associations.

Strengthen social cohesion through inclusive participation and empowered citizens” project is part of the phase 3 of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation’s programme "Moldova - Making the Most of Migration". The phase includes complementary interventions implemented by UNFPA and Diaspora Relations Bureau.