Strengthen social cohesion through inclusive participation and empowered citizens

Duration:2023 – 2026
Donor:Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Beneficiaries:National and local public authorities, community organizations, as well as local communities (including diaspora members, returnees, and refugees)
Focus Area:Inclusive Growth
Partners:State Chancellery of the Republic of Moldova, Diaspora Relations Bureau, HTA Alliance, Local Public Authorities, Hometown Associations (HTAs), Local Action Groups, Congress of Local Authorities from Moldova (CALM)
Project Document:Strengthen social cohesion through inclusive participation and empowered citizens 
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Project Summary:

The “Strengthen social cohesion through inclusive participation and empowered citizens” project is set to establish, through multi-dimensional partnerships and interventions, a model of efficient cooperation and strengthened social cohesion through empowered diaspora members, returning migrants and other citizens and responsive local governance.

Building upon the meaningful community cooperation and diaspora engagement framework established in previous SDC-UNDP interventions, the project will invest resources and efforts at local and national levels in supporting local communities to advance democratic practices and improving public participation in development outcomes. At the same time, the project includes components for advancing policy and institutional frameworks and to create an environment more conducive for resilient and democratic communities.

To complement the results already achieved, the project will also work on empowering local public authorities, community organizations (e.g. hometown associations) and local action groups to engage in community development and social cohesion initiatives.


  • Enhancing institutional capacities of the Diaspora Relations Bureau as key executive agency in diaspora and migration policy;
  • Continuing supporting the process of HTAs creation and their territorial diffusion;
  • Providing the support for institutional development of the HTA Alliance as resource and knowledge center for HTAs;
  • Improving skills, knowledge, attitude, training, and experience of relevant local stakeholders on integrated inclusive governance, local cooperation and outreach, and community development.

Expected results:

  • 50,000 additional community members (of which 51% women, 49% men, and 10% vulnerable) will benefit from more democratic institutions, improved public services, increased social cohesion, better living conditions and human rights;
  • 20 local initiatives dedicated to democratic and resilient communities will be implemented jointly by LPAs and HTAs, with participation of community members, civil society organizations, diaspora/migrants;
  • 20 communities will improve their local democratic practices and increase public participation in development outcomes via a sustainable dialogue among citizens, the civil society and LPAs;
  • 40 LPA representatives from 20 localities will benefit from improved skills, knowledge, attitude, training, and experience on integrated inclusive governance;
  • 60 hometown associations and/or initiative groups (of which 20 new/emerging HTAs) will benefit from the assistance of the HTA Alliance to improve their skills, knowledge, attitude, training, and experience on fundraising, democratic governance, and integration of public participation;
  • 1,000 community members (of which 52% women, 48% men and 15% vulnerable) and 150 diaspora representatives/migrants (of which 51% women and 49% men) will have participated in and influenced public service provision, decision-making, and budgeting in their localities;
  • The capacities and program portfolio of the HTA Alliance will be consolidated to ensure the organization’s sustainability and capacities to further support Moldovan hometown associations.


  • 60 Hometown Associations (HTAs) have established a national umbrella organization – the Alliance of Hometown Associations of Moldova (HTA Alliance) –  to synergize efforts of communities development with the support of local public authorities and the diaspora;
  • The strategic framework of the HTA Alliance for 2023 - 2026 has been developed in a participatory way and approved, thanks to which 60 representatives of hometown associations in the country will increase the level of involvement and cooperation with diaspora and citizens for the sustainable development of the country;
  • 30 leaders of 15 hometown associations cooperate more effectively with local public authorities for sustainable local development, increased social cohesion, attracting funding and implementation of community projects under the "HTA Next Level" capacity building programme;
  • 15 cooperation agreements have been signed between the hometown associations and the LPAs, establishing the framework for cooperation to stimulate civic participation of local people, support volunteer actions and attract projects and donors, including the diaspora, in local development;
  • A partnership agreement signed between the Diaspora Relations Bureau and the HTA Alliance, which foresees joint actions aimed at increasing the level of involvement and cooperation of the hometown associations and the citizens, on the one hand, and the representatives of diaspora organizations, on the other hand, for the economic, social and economic development of the communities and the country;
  • 365 children from the diaspora, community and refugees discovered local traditions during 15 #AcasăCamp2023 summer camps organised in Moldovan communities, thanks to the joint efforts of the hometown associations, local public authorities, partners and other local actors;
  • Three hometown associations (Sireti, Lozova and Sărata Veche), members of the HTA Alliance, took over good practices and experiences by participating in the DOR Camp - "Diaspora. Origins. Returns" 2023 edition, for the organization of similar events at local level.
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation