Students will learn about responsible energy use and reducing climate impact behaviour

March 6, 2024

Students will learn starting with the 2024-2025 school year about energy and climate in modules embedded in school subjects such as Physics, Geography, Education for Society, Personal Development. So, students will learn both theoretically and practically about physical laws, geographic and atmospheric phenomena, their practical impacts in sustainable energy use, how to separately collect waste, recycle and reduce carbon footprint.  

The modules are developed with the support of the European Union and UNDP Moldova, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Environment and the Presidency of the Republic of Moldova.

"We want to educate generations that are aware of the challenges in the energy sector and environmental issues, promoting a sustainable lifestyle," says Cristina Pereteatcu, State Secretary at the Ministry of Energy.

"The Ministry of Education and Research supports the concept of the project to integrate energy and environmental education in schools so that students are able to contribute to sustainability," says Valentina Olaru, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Education and Research.

The educational package includes 84 teaching products –  methodological guides and lesson plans developed by teachers and experts in the field of energy and environment. Teachers who show interest in the subject are invited to participate in the process of testing teaching resources. They will benefit from professional training.