The Speia community park is brought to life

May 22, 2023

More than 2000 children and adults can now enjoy the recently renewed park in Speia, community on the left bank of the Nistru river. The improvements were made possible through a partnership between UNDP, Switzerland and the local community.

The newly renovated leisure area, inaugurated on 22 May 2023, includes a space for official and entertainment events, wooden artworks, swings, and other leisure facilities. 

Part of the park modernization, 1400 square meters of sidewalk pavement tiles were installed, alongside 12 sets of lamps, benches, and trash bins. A modern electrical and water supply and irrigation systems were installed. Multiple community activities have been conducted prior to the finalization of works, including tree planting, cleaning activities and local crowdfunding for procuring seedling material for the park. More than 200 seedlings and bushes were planted by the residents, while a complete set of garden tools for maintenance purposes was procured.

“Thanks to this park, Speia residents of all ages will be able to rest here again. It is a joy for us, and we need to value and preserve what we have,” said Nadejda Șerban, an inhabitant of the village.

“Our entire community was involved in the launch of this park, with financial donations of volunteering, both those who live here and diaspora members.  It's a place where we invested a lot of emotionally and which united us as a community. We believe that this space and the events that will be organized here will create beautiful memories for the residents of Speia,” stated Eleonora Crohmaliuc, coordinator of the hometown association initiative group.

The total budget for the improvement of the local park reached more than $US70,000, with Switzerland and UNDP offering US$46,500, US$10,000 being collected from diaspora and the remaining budget – allocated from local funds.

Speia is one of the two partner communities that have piloted the model of engaging migrants in local development on the left bank of the Nistru river, following a successful roll-out in 116 communities on the right bank, as part of the “Migration and local development” project. The CSO Agency for Regional Development in Tiraspol has supported the piloting process.

The other community involved in the piloting process was Tirnauca, where more than 5000 children and adults acquired access to modern outdoor fitness equipment and leisure areas, due to the renovation of the sports field of the school.