The sports field of Tirnauca school will provide modern sport facilities to more than 5000 local residents

October 29, 2022

More than 5000 children and adults have now access to modern outdoor fitness equipment and leisure areas, due to the renovation of the sports field of the school in Tirnauca, community on the left bank of the Nistru river. This was possible thanks to the partnership between UNDP, Government and Switzerland, and a crowdfunding campaign – a premiere for the region – that mobilized locals and natives who left the community.

The newly renovated sports area, inaugurated on 28 October 2022 during a sports competition, includes basketball and volleyball fields with tribunes, a long jump sand pit and a relaxation area with benches.

“The sports field is a new opportunity for us to train and play basketball and volleyball, also use the workout facilities. It is now possible for us to fulfill certain dreams we had, because in such conditions, with designated spaces and better equipment, we can achieve better results at sports,” said Ilona Dragomir, student, 14 years.

“Although this initiative had a long journey, today, we are here to witness the creation of modern conditions for sport and fitness activities for the inhabitants of Tirnauca. Sport is so important for each one of our children and our school has a proven record of high achievements in this area. We are very grateful for all the support received from donors and from former students that currently live abroad,” stated Valentina Caramanuta, the school’s principal.

US$45,000 were offered by Government of Switzerland through the UNDP project “Migration and local development” for the renovation of the sports field. The $2,400 collected from the natives will be used to purchase additional sports equipment and ensure lighting and video surveillance of the sports field.

Tirnauca is one of the two partner communities that are piloting the model of engaging migrants in local development on the left bank of the Nistru river, following a successful roll-out in 116 communities on the right bank of the Nistru river, as part of the “Migration and local development” project. The CSO Agency for Regional Development in Tiraspol is supporting the piloting process.

The other community involved in the piloting process is Speia. There, the initiative group will arrange a local park for the community.

The initiative groups from both communities conducted communication and crowdfunding campaigns that succeeded not only to complement the awarded funds, but also exceed the targets set with more than 50%.