Denmark and UNDP spur green transition and responsive governance in Eastern Neighborhood region, including Moldova

Transformative regional initiative enhances cooperation, knowledge, and solutions for inclusive transition with a focus on Georgia and the Republic of Moldova.

January 31, 2024

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Danish Government launch an initiative fostering new development pathways towards green, inclusive and resilient economies and democratic governance in Eastern Neighborhood countries.

With up to US$10.8 million in funding from Denmark, the project "Greening the Future, Advancing Rights and Stability: spurring an inclusive and green transition with responsive governance in the Eastern Neighborhood region” aims to provide opportunities for collaborative knowledge-sharing and to foster environmental governance and climate-sensitive economy in Eastern Neighborhood countries, with a focus on Georgia and the Republic of Moldova.

Efforts in Georgia and Moldova will be directed towards building institutional capacities essential for effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy efficiency, and advancing the adoption of renewable energy practices.

Out of the total budget, approximately US$4.29 million will be allocated to Georgia, US$4.27 million to Moldova, and US$2.2 million to fund enhanced regional cooperation efforts between the two countries.

The 4-years project will be coordinated by the UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub working closely with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with UNDP Country Offices in Georgia and the Republic of Moldova.

“This initiative underlines Denmark’s and UNDP’s joint commitment to green and inclusive energy transition, along with the advancement of decentralization processes and local participation. We look forward to achieving sustainable and positive change in the Eastern Neighborhood countries, paving the way for a greener, more inclusive, and resilient future,” said Steliana Nedera, Manager, UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub.

In the Republic of Moldova, the project will focus on enhanced governance and institutional capacities to accelerate the green and inclusive transition in energy and transport sectors, with a focus on policy enhancement, access to finance, de-risking investments in renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, and collaboration between the Government and private sector. The initiative calls for community involvement, residential support, and MSME engagement, and emphasizes regional cooperation and knowledge sharing for effective implementation.