Drones for Resilience


The ‘Drones for Resilience’ project, is a partnership between Dhiraagu - a Maldivian telecommunication company and UNDP Maldives. The project aims to promote the use of drone technology for disaster resilient local planning in the Maldives. 


Currently the Maldives has issues when it comes to data collection- especially with a focus on disaster risk reduction. Efficient data collection is a prerequisite for proper planning conducive to resilient communities. Thus, the project aims to provide a selected city (Addu City) in southern Maldives with enhanced capacity to undertake risk-informed planning, and subsequently make evidence-based climate action plans. In addition, provision of adequate details for the creation of an appropriate disaster information system is addressed by integrating existing mapping efforts with the community. The collected data is to be made available to both national decision-makers and local communities.  

Major Achievements

  • Addu City (inluding all inhabited islands) have been fully mapped and orthoimagery mapped on GIS with additional vector layers of VCA data.  

  • Training of Maldivian Red Crescent volunteers on drone mapping/imaging to ensure full utilization of the team in the future.  

  • Strengthened Capacities on mapping and post-analysis information gathered in other partners.  

Project Outcomes:

The project aims to:  

  • Achieve target 13.1 (enhancing resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related hazards and natural disasters) to train a group of volunteers in Addu City (southernmost atoll of the Maldives).  

  • Support the initial processing of these images and their utilization in a GIS (geographic information system), and making the data available to Addu City Council for future evidence-based planning, vis-à-vis both development and disaster risk reduction.