UNDP Maldives Attains Silver Level Gender Equality Seal Certification

Signifying a significant leap in our commitment to gender equality

September 30, 2023
Woman speaking at the Practice Parliament for Women 2021


The UNDP Maldives Office has achieved a notable milestone by securing a SILVER level certification under the UNDP Gender Equality Seal, signifying a significant leap in their commitment to gender equality. This recognition is based on a final score of 77%, meeting 23 out of 30 benchmarks in the Gender Seal Assessment 2021-2023.

The UNDP Gender Equality Seal is a corporate quality assurance initiative developed by the UNDP Bureau of Programme and Policy Support (BPPS), in collaboration with UNDP Regional Bureau and Country Offices. The Seal evaluates and acknowledges strong performance in delivering transformative development results for gender equality.

Performance is measured against a set of minimum acceptable quality standards based on international and corporate mandates in various areas: Management Systems, Gender Equality Capacities, Enabling Environment, Knowledge Management and Communications, Programmes and Projects, Partnerships, and Results/Impact.

Our journey toward this achievement significantly contributed to national gender equality goals. UNDP Maldives supported changes to the Decentralisation Act, leading to a quota resulting in women being elected to 33% of local council seats, and supported changes in the domestic violence legislation, referral mechanisms for sexual and gender-based violence and improved legal aid mechanisms.

Additionally, UNDP Maldives assisted the Government of Maldives in developing the National Gender Equality Action Plan and integrating gender considerations into the National Climate Financing Strategy. This strategy emphasizes gender equality in all financing actions and provides specific policy options to ensure gender sensitivity, a notable achievement for the office.

These successes are a result of strong partnerships with the government and civil society, facilitating the effective advancement of gender equality objectives. Programmes like the Integrated Governance Programme embed gender considerations across various activities. The recently introduced Country Programme Document (CPD) for 2022 – 2026 is rooted in thorough gender analysis, incorporating gender equality into its core theory of change.

Through a well-structured Gender Equality Strategy, systems have been established to drive gender equality goals within the country programme. Achieving SILVER level certification signifies our commitment to integrating gender perspectives throughout our work—a crucial step toward a more equitable society, reflecting the Country Office's dedication to advancing gender equality.