UNDP and Noonu Atoll Council Collaborate to Strengthen Disaster Risk Reduction in Maafaru

September 1, 2023


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Maldives partnered with Noonu Atoll Maafaru Council to enhance disaster risk reduction (DRR) efforts in the region. 

Led by the UNDP Accelerator Labs team, the 2-day workshop aimed to update Maafaru Island’s base map, which will include detailed information about the island's built and natural environment. This map will serve as the foundational resource for local planning and strategies related to disaster risk reduction. 


Day 1 of the workshop focused on conducting a thorough Hazards, Vulnerabilities, and Capacities Assessment. Residents and local institutions collaborated to craft a factsheet outlining the island's history, existing threats, community vulnerabilities, and resources that can be mobilized in times of disasters and crises.


On Day 2, the workshop transitioned to Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Plans specifically tailored for Maafaru. Key roles for institutions, individuals, and community groups were defined across various emergency levels. This approach is expected to significantly enhance disaster readiness, strengthening the island's capacity to respond to disasters and crises.


For the mapping and visualization of Maafaru Island’s base map, representatives from local institutions, non-governmental organizations, Women's Development Committees (WDCs), youth organizations, and more came together. The participants used tools such as OpenStreetMap, to digitally map Maafaru. Collective intelligence methods, such as crowd mapping, harnessed local knowledge, technology, and data to strengthen disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation. The result is a comprehensive map that reflects the island's unique vulnerabilities and potential solutions.