Preserving reef ecosystems, fostering sustainable economies, and engaging communities in conservation efforts

Introductory visit to the South as part of the Maldives RREEF Project

January 24, 2024

In a concerted effort to bolster coral reef conservation and sustainable development initiatives in the Maldives, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Maldives and Ministry of Climate Change, Environment and Energy, under the Global Fund for Coral Reefs (Global Fund Coral) support embarked on an introductory visit as part of the Maldives Resilient Reef Ecosystem and Economy for the Future (Maldives RREEF) Project. This ambitious project aims to safeguard Maldives’ marine ecosystems while promoting economic resilience in coastal communities.

The introductory visit, spanning Addu and Fuvahmulah cities, saw collaboration with local authorities and environmental organizations to lay the groundwork for project implementation.

In Fuvahmulah, representatives from the Fuvahmulah City Council, along with stakeholders from Nature Park and the Women’s Development Committee (WDC), convened with the visiting delegation to discuss the project's objectives and potential collaborations. A site visit to the Fuvahmulah Nature Park and boardwalk areas provided insights into the current needs and challenges, paving the way for targeted interventions in partnership with the Fuvahmulah City Council and the Ministry of Climate Change, Environment and Energy. 

A pivotal aspect of the visit was the briefing session titled "Resilient Reef Ecosystems, Sustainable Economy," conducted for Fuvahmulah residents. This session shed light on the significance of preserving reef ecosystems and fostering sustainable economic practices, underscoring the collaborative efforts between UNDP, the Ministry of Environment, and the Fuvahmulah City Council, under the GFCR project. 

Similar engagements were held in Addu City, where discussions with the Addu City Council and local community members focused on project implementation strategies and identified needs within the Addu Nature Park. Collaboration with the Addu City Council and the Ministry of Environment will be instrumental in driving forward the Maldives RREEF Project in Addu City.

The Maldives RREEF Project's overarching goal is to strengthen reef resilience and promote sustainable livelihoods, aligning with the Maldives' commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development. By fostering partnerships between government bodies, local communities, and international organizations, the project endeavors to make meaningful strides towards safeguarding the Maldives' rich marine biodiversity for people and its nature.