Peer to Peer Sessions for Judges and Magistrates

Posted July 3, 2022


The Maldives Judicial Academy conducted a Peer-to-Peer discussion forum for Court Justices from 17 – 18 May 2022, together with UNDP Maldives and with the support of the Government of United Kingdom.

The discussion forum focused on challenges facing the Maldives judiciary in improving the quality and efficiency of justice and covered the Civil Procedures Code and Criminal Procedures Code.

The Judicial Academy together with UNDP has been working to facilitate training interventions for the judiciary utilizing multiple modalities.

The current trainings are designed as a two-part intervention. The first part was targeted for Judges at the Lower and Magistrate Courts, and this second part was as peer-to-peer session for Appeal Court Justices on identified thematic areas.


The peer-to-peer sessions was targeted to Justices of the Supreme Court of the Maldives and the High Court of the Maldives, and saw the participation of 18 Justices.

The Maldives Judicial Academy based under the Department of Judicial Administration is mandated to promote legal and judicial knowledge in the Maldives through continuous education to help judges, members of the Judicial Service Commission and the staff of the Maldives Judiciary to enhance their knowledge, academic capacity, and professional skills.

UNDP has been supporting in judicial education in the Maldives - crucial in the administration and dispensation of justice, premised on building public confidence in the system and ensuring fair and equitable justice for all.