Handover of Water Networks in Raa Maduvvari and Baa Dharavandhoo

April 1, 2022
Handover & operationalisation of IWRM systems

Handover & operationalisation IWRM systems

UNDP Maldives/ Ashwa Faheem

1 April 2022: The Green Climate Fund (GCF) water project in the Maldives, led by the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology and supported by UNDP Maldives has handed over and operationalised Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) systems in Raa Maduvvari and Baa Dharavandhoo.

In two inaugurations held at Raa Maduvvari and Baa Dharavandhoo respectively, the IWRM systems were handed over to the islands, providing the residents of these islands with running water in every household.

The IWRM systems operationalised will directly benefit 2698 island residents (including 1206 women) – 1628 residents (790 women) in Raa Maduvvari and 1070 residents (416 women) in Baa Dharavandhoo, giving them access to safe drinking water, increasing their water security and helping them overcome water shortages caused due to climate change.

Running water in Raa Maduvvari

A woman in Raa Maduvvari getting running water in her home from the operationalised IWRM systems

UNDP Maldives/ Ashwa Faheem

Speaking at the ceremony, UNDP’s Deputy Resident Representative in the Maldives, Ms. Vera Hakim highlighted the importance of water provision, not just for consumption and hygiene, but also as a tool for communities and individuals to achieve economic growth and prosperity, stating that no groups must be left behind in our efforts to provide access to this vital resource.

Climate change-induced prolonged dry periods have caused increasing incidents of water shortages to many communities across Maldives. Provision of water during shortages is a great cost to the Government and since 2017, an average of USD 412,000 annually has been spent on dry period water provision.

As such, this project funded by the GCF is focused on implementing 3 key interventions to help the Maldives adapt to climate change:

  1. Scaling up an integrated water supply system to provide safe water to vulnerable households
  2. Introducing decentralized and cost-effective dry season water supply systems
  3. Improving groundwater quality to secure freshwater reserves for long term resilience

Under the first objective, the project has established 4 IWRM systems and 25 Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) Systems in 29 islands.

UNDP Maldives Deputy Resident Representative speaking at the IWRM systems handover ceremony

UNDP Maldives Deputy Resident Representative speaking at the IWRM systems handover ceremony

UNDP Maldives/ Ashwa Faheem

During the inaugurations, Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Technology. H.E. Ms. Aminath Shauna stressed the importance of establishing sustainable and accessible water systems across the Maldives, noting how the combination of innovative technologies with sustainable rainwater harvesting methods are the key to guaranteeing water security for all island communities in the country.

In addition to the mix of rainwater, the IWRM systems will utilise solar energy for water production (100% renewable energy powered) to further reduce the cost of production. Piped water networks to each household will provide them with a metered water connection, whereby a fee will be charged through a tariff system. The IWRM facility also has water quality testing laboratories embedded to ensure the quality of the water with training provided to the system operators as well. 

At the handover ceremony of IWRM systems

Handover & operationalisation ceremony of IWRM systems

UNDP Maldives/ Ashwa Faheem

Following this handover, the water systems will be taken over by Fenaka Corporation Limited, who will carry forward the day-to-day implementing and managing of operations. At the inauguration, the Managing Director of Fenaka, Mr. Ahmed Saeed Mohamed stated that the company was proud of their role in providing easy and accessible water to all homes and residents of the island communities in the Maldives and re-affirmed their commitment to continue doing so.

IWRM systems at Raa Maduvvari

IWRM systems in Raa Maduvvari

UNDP Maldives/ Ashwa Faheem