Gender sensitization and capacity-building program for the Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP) technical committee

Posted July 3, 2022


A three-day gender sensitization and capacity-building program for members of the Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP) technical committee, aimed at accelerating the implementation of the GEAP, commenced on June 14th, with the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services H.E Aishath Mohamed Didi inaugurating the program.

The program was intended to provide an orientation on gender concepts, the legal framework for gender equality in the Maldives and gender mainstreaming. Members formulated the annual work plans under the GEAP to faciliate an effective and multi-agency implementation process.


Day two of the capacity-building program for the GEAP Technical Committee included a session on gender-responsive budgeting (GRB) as well as a session on international commitments such as CEDAW and the national legal framework for gender equality.

The program also included a presentation from the Asian Development Bank on their Strengthening Gender Inclusive Initiatives (SGII) project which integrates numerous elements of the GEAP, including GRB, ensuring affordable childcare, strengthening the use of gender statistics and Domestic Violence and Gender-based Violence service delivery.

Working sessions for all five policy goals in the GEAP were conducted in Day two and Day three. The Technical Committee members discussed specific action points for each goal, including planned activities in each institution and proposed timelines for implementation.