First Steering Committee held for Tax4SDGs

April 5, 2023


The first Steering Committee Meeting for the Tax for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) programme, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Maldives Inland Revenue Authority, concluded with the committee endorsing the programme's annual work plan. 

The meeting also included discussions on potential avenues for achieving energy transition towards renewable energy through the programme and taxation policy.

The Tax for SDGs programme aims to contribute towards sustainable development in the Maldives by supporting the achievement of the SDGs. The programme's endorsement of the annual work plan signifies a significant milestone to commit towards sustainable development practices in the Maldives and supporting the achievement of SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy. 

UNDP Maldives will work alongside the Ministry of Finance and Maldives Inland Revenue Authority to promote the SDGs and achieve common objectives through the Tax for SDGs programme.