Coral Rehabilitation Project with Save the Beach

April 1, 2020

The ocean is a remarkable and complex ecological system, providing the oxygen we breathe, regulating our climate, feeding over a billion people and helping in the fight against outbreaks like #COVID19. Our seas need protection more than ever.

On UNDP Asia-Pacific’s Chief Kannii Wignaraja's visit to the Maldives, we dived into the sea and spent a day beneath the waves exploring coral farms.

We were amazed to witness our NGO partner Save the Beach's work to heal Vilingili island’s reefs through a coral rehabilitation project.

Two years since Save the Beach started the small grants project supported by the Global Environment Facility and UNDP, the reefs are teeming. Coral cover has increased by 20% and the fish are back!

The project focused on preventing marine pollution, reef damage and biodiversity loss sustainably through a community-based approach.

As Kannii Wignraja says, “Let's not forget our responsibilities to protect our seas and marine life. They will help sustain and enrich us also during current pandemic.”

UNDP and partners work to sustainably manage and protect marine and coastal ecosystems. UNDP is inspired to continue our support to partners on Climate Action and fight for Life Below Water, Life on Land and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Reviving Coral Reefs in Maldives

UNDP in the Maldives is proud to support NGO Save the Beach working on a Global Environment Facility Small Grants project to revive the coral reefs of Vilingili island - a ward of the capital city. UNDP works with partners work to sustainably manage and protect marine ecosystems.