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With the world temperature raises by 1.5°C, it increases the risk of climate-induced disasters for low-lying island nation that could severely impact lives of many and cause billions in damage. UNDP is supporting the Maldives government and communities with risk informed development and early warning and preparedness through adoption of latest developments in technology.


UNDP is pioneering the use of latest technology such as drones and geospatial data in Maldives to help at risk communities build resilience.

The drones for resilience project enable the use of drones for local authorities to create detailed, real-time maps of islands to be used in local decision making. The equipment, training and collected data improve local council's capacity for risk-informed planning and disaster risk management and preparedness. Addu City Council uses the orthomosaic maps of the islands for their local planning process such as land use planning.

What's next?

Through the SIDS Joint program on sustainable disaster risk reduction, climate change mitigation and adaptation in Maldives, UNDP will work with the government institutions to strengthen existing national data systems and information management system for DRR/CCA monitoring.