The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the vulnerability of institutions that had poor and fragmented digital services or relied on analog operations, paper files and in-person transactions. UNDP's unleashed the full set of digital tools from investing in hardware and software to developing digital systems to ensure equitable access to justice and acess to information for vulnerable groups.


As part of UNDP support to the legal and justice sector, UNDP has provided the courts, Attorney General's office and Prosecutor General's office with hardware and software to facilitate virtual court hearings allowing for continuation of court hearings during the covid 19 pandemic. Efforts are currently also underway for the development of an integrated digital case management system for the justice sector that allows efficient case management and service standardization.  

With UNDP's support mvlaw website and mobile application is soon to be launched. This central repository makes all national laws and regulations easily accessible to the public. It is the first government website in Maldives to be accessible for person's with disabilities, setting example for inclusive digital transformation.



What's next?

UNDP is currently supporting the People's Majlis develop a policy on e-petition system for the Parliament. Once the policy is endorsed, an e-petition system will be developed that is envisioned to open access to lawmaking for public, another step towards strengthening political participation with digital as a key enabler.