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Data Innovation for Inclusive Growth

Lack of adequate institutional data infrastructure constraints the flow of information needed for evidence based policymaking making in the government.  UNDP is supporting the government to build institutional capacities from within for data and innovation in policy making, pushing the boundary for a more desirable future.



The value of data is indispensable both for centralized policy design as well as decentralized local planning. UNDP is working with Ministry of Economic Development to strengthen the use of data in socioeconomic research and supported the establishment of a platform for sourcing, treatment, analysis and visualization of data from multiple sources.  produce evidence-based and evidence-informed social and economic policies.

A key milestone in these partnerships is the establishment of Economic Research Center (ERC) with a mission to mainstream data and innovation in order to generate timely intelligence for policymakers to design effective policy responses for addressing complex issues in the Maldives.


What's next?

Given the need for data innovation in every sector, UNDP is expanding the Policy Lab initiative to work with more data consumers. A new partnership is signed with Housing Development Corporation to enhance data systems to assess the urban sustainability of Hulhumalé City and generate user centric insights to improve city planning and service delivery to citizens.