UNDP launches a report on challenges and opportunities in transitioning to a carbon neutral economy

February 27, 2023

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kosovo has launched today the Public Pulse Analysis titled "Exploring Climate Change Challenges and Opportunities in Transitioning to a Carbon Neutral Economy in Kosovo". 

This publication provides insights and contributions to the discussion on how the green transition could impact Kosovo’s economy, which sectors are expected to be impacted, and how the labor force demand will be affected.

The event brought together representatives from Kosovo institutions, environmental experts and activists, civil society, private sector, academia, and development partners. It provided an opportunity to share the findings and discuss issues related to the circular economy and transition towards a carbon-neutral economy in Kosovo.

The "Exploring Climate Change Challenges and Opportunities in Transitioning to a Carbon Neutral Economy in Kosovo" analysis considers the perspectives of Kosovo's central institutions, businesses, civil society organizations, and general public. The report also provides details on people's knowledge and attitudes towards climate change and decarbonization.

The report shows that 63% of respondents had heard of climate change, with young people (18-24) being the most aware at 70%. Television was the top source of information overall for all respondents (65%), followed by social media (27%). The use of renewable energy was ranked as the second-best solution to mitigate climate change, suggesting that the public is aware of the contribution of the fossil fuels to climate change. However, only a minority (31%) of all respondents are willing to pay higher electricity tariffs to minimize the impacts of climate change for future generations, whereas 65% of respondents said they would not pay higher electricity tariffs. 

The "Circular Economy and Labor Market" Policy Brief introduced at the same event emphasizes the urgency of transitioning to a green economy and the importance of doing so smartly. It identifies the sectors in Kosovo with the most potential for transition between traditional and circular economies, shedding light on the potential for change in employment numbers, skills, and job composition in five key sectors: waste management, agriculture, food production, forestry, construction, and energy. Furthermore, it highlights the implications for the labor market on both Kosovo wide level and for specific sectors.

You can find the Public Pulse Analysis in three languages at this link: https://bit.ly/3kuA6Yq
The Circular Economy and Labor Market two-pager is attached.

Public Pulse project is generously funded by American people through USAID.

Growth through Green and Just Recovery from COVID-19 project is supported by the Government of Japan.

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