UNDP Kosovo and Partners Launch Earth Day Celebrations

April 23, 2024

As a longstanding tradition, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kosovo, together with the Office of the President and the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, officially started the beginning of a series of events to celebrate Earth Day, marking yet another significant step towards climate awareness and action.

The inauguration event took place at the Campus of the University of Prishtina 'Hasan Prishtina', bringing together key institutional and development partners, including Mr. Nuno Queirós, UNDP Resident Representative, Mr.Liburn Aliu, Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, Mr. Hajrullah Çeku, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Mr. Faton Peci, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Ms. Arbërie Nagavci, Minister of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation, institutional representatives, ambassadors and other distinguished partners.

The event culminated with the unveiling of the art installation ‘The Wall or the Tilted Promise’, a structure composed of discarded plastic bags and other recycled materials, aiming to showcase the impact of human actions on the promise of a better future.  

The global theme of this year's Earth Day is Planet vs Plastics, and the art installation created by Driton Selmani, as part of UNDP’s global Climate Promise Project, is a strong representation of this environmental challenge. The art installation has a special significance since it was developed together with schoolchildren. As in previous years, this inauguration has served to underscore the significance of community engagement and its role in shaping a sustainable future for our planet.

The art installation is part of the Climate Promise Project, implemented by UNDP Kosovo as we remain committed to fostering environmental awareness and sustainability initiatives and the Earth Day celebration serves as a testament to this commitment.

About the Art Installation   
The Wall or the Tilted Promise is a public project that delves into the intricate dynamics between humanity and nature. Serving as a passage to walk through, this project immerses us in a whole journey, encouraging reflection on environmental consciousness, as well as emphasizing the urgent need for collective sustainable practices. This structure, composed of discarded plastic bags and other recycled materials, was completed by children’s art and writings, making promises to Planet Earth. The installation was placed at the Campus of the University of Prishtina from 22 April to 5 May, to be dismantled into smaller components, remodelled, and exhibited across various institutions afterwards. This is made possible by its circular and sustainable design.

About the Author 
Driton Selmani is an artist from Kosovo whose works have been exhibited worldwide. Selmani dissects societal norms, fueled by lifelong scepticism. His art reimagines beliefs amidst cultural shifts, notably the never-ending transition of his native country. As an observer and participant, he weaves personal history into his creations.

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This year we mark the 25th anniversary of our work in Kosovo. Over the past quarter-century, UNDP has supported Kosovo’s efforts to achieve the Millennium and the Sustainable Development Goals. We will continue to work alongside institutions and the people of Kosovo to Leave No One Behind and achieve a better future for all.