UNDP launches a New Programme to Help Micro, Small and Medium Businesses in Kosovo

May 24, 2024

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kosovo Office launched a new Programme to enhance the Economic Resilience of micro and small businesses in Kosovo today. The programme was launched in the presence of high officials of central and local authorities, Ambassadors, donor representatives, and companies operating in Kosovo.

During the event, the Economic Resilience Programme (ERP) business development tools that consist of three methodologies were presented:

i.    In Motion Program, is a business support tool whose main objective is to update business models for micro - and small businesses by providing comprehensive business assistance to improve their productive capacity and relationship with the market.

ii.    Growing with your Business GYB is a business support tool whose main objective is to improve SMEs' financial, administrative, and productive conditions upgrading them to have the capacities to establish long-term supply relationships, thus ensuring their sustainability, market expansion and profitability.

iii.    The Supplier Development Program (SDP) is a business support tool that transforms business relationships in the productive chain between a lead company (large or medium) and its suppliers (micro, small and medium enterprises - MSMEs).
These tools have already proven very successful in several countries where UNDP works and one of the thriving business stories was presented by the UNDP Panama Regional Hub. Up to date, more than 40,000 companies, of which 65% are women-led, were assisted, and have improved their businesses in 17 countries most recently in Albania, Colombia, Guyana, and Paraguay.

UNDP would like to thank key speakers, Rozeta Hajdari, Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade Faton Peci, Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Rural Development, Nenad Rašić, Minister of Communities and Returns, and Shaqir Totaj, Mayor of Prizren Municipality, and all other participants present at the event.

The programme is expected to replicate the already achieved accomplishments by bringing opportunities for Kosovo micro and small businesses to grow and become competitive in the wider market.

For more information, please contact:

Burbuqe Dobranja, UNDP Communications Associate 
Phone: (038) 249 066 ext. 410;  mobile: 049 720 800      e-mail: burbuqe.dobranja@undp.org

Danijela Mitić, Communications Associate UNDP 
Phone: (038) 249 066 ext. 412; mobile: 049 720 824     e-mail: danijela.mitic@undp.org

This year we mark the 25th anniversary of our work in Kosovo. Over the past quarter-century, UNDP has supported Kosovo's efforts to achieve the Millennium and the Sustainable Development Goals. We will continue to work alongside institutions and the people of Kosovo to Leave No One Behind and achieve a better future for all. 

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