Enhancing the Management Effectiveness of the Machakhela Protected Landscape


Boasting rich biodiversity along with cultural landscapes, the Machakhela Protected Landscape was established in September 2022 to foster the safeguarding, restoration and responsible use of biodiversity. Covering the area of the River Machakheli, 9 villages and part of the state forest along 4,294 hectares, the Protected Landscape serves as a vital tool for nature conservation and sustainable development of local communities. 

With funding from the Czech Government, UNDP works with the management of the Machakhela Protected Landscape to strengthen the planning capabilities of Khelvachauri Municipality and the Protected Landscape’s administration. This involves crafting management and operational plans, as well as building the necessary skills to carry out these plans effectively, affordably, and sustainably.

The initiative builds on the UNDP’s project to enhance the management of the Ajara Protected Areas, further supported by the Czech-UNDP Partnership for SDGs in 2019-2021. 


The project aligns with the following long-term objectives: 

  • Empower the Machakhela Protected Area Administration with the essential technical expertise and capabilities for the effective management of the protected landscape.
  • Implement a functional urban and spatial planning system to preserve traditional and historic settlements within the protected area, enabling their development in harmony with traditional architecture and usage.

Contact information

Contact persons

Irakli Goradze
Project Manager

Nino Antadze
UNDP Environment and Energy Team Leader


Project details

Start dateDecember 2023
End dateMarch 2025
Focus areaEnvironment & Energy
PartnersMachakhela Protected Landscape Administration. Khelvachauri Mayor’s Office
DonorGovernment of Czech Republic
BudgetEUR€ 100,000