ENPARD-2: Promoting Rural Development in Georgia


The European Union and UNDP work with the Government of Georgia to revitalize rural areas and boost country’s potential in agriculture and rural development by improving the livelihoods of communities and creating employment opportunities.

The programme builds on and sustains the achievements of the first phase of European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD). It focuses on driving rural development forward and integrating support to agriculture, food safety, sanitary, infrastructure with an overall goal to advance living and employment conditions in rural areas of Georgia. 

what we do

In close partnership with national and international partners and stakeholders, UNDP helps Georgia introduce its first National Rural Development Strategy and Action Plan, translate best EU experiences and practices into national agenda and enhance relevant national institutions engaged in this process – respective ministries, national agencies, associations and educational bodies.

We believe that effective approach to rural development requires interrelation of social, economic and environmental factors. Effective rural development is a complex area where education, entrepreneurship, infrastructure development, biodiversity protection and climate action – all play a critical role in reviving rural areas.

In 2015, we assisted Ajara Autonomous Republic of Georgia to prepare its first Rural Development Strategy which serves as a pilot endeavor to formulating the policy at the national level. We continue working with the Government of the Ajara Autonomous Republic to help cement the progress through elaborating respective action plan.


  • The Rural Development Strategy and Action Plan for Georgia developed and adopted.
  • National and institutional capacities enhanced for the effective implementation of rural development policy.
  • The Rural Development Action Plan for Ajara Autonomous Republic developed and Adopted.
  • Institutional capacities of the Ajara state agencies enhanced for the effective implementation of rural development policy.

Contac information

Project address

14 Mtskheta Street
Tbilisi 0179 Georgia

Contact persons

Ivane Shamugia
Capacity Development Advisor

Giorgi Nanobashvili
UNDP Economic Development  Team Leader