Our focus

Economic development


UNDP’s Economic Development Programme in Georgia works to ensure that the benefits of economic growth reach those who still live in poverty. Our goal is to address structural and systemic challenges hampering economic development and create cooperation and partnership space for sustainable, inclusive and climate-smart growth.

We assist Georgia to develop institutions, systems and policies that contribute to sustainable economic advancement, reduce poverty, create economic opportunities for people, enhance rural development, support local entrepreneurship, innovation and digitalization, and promote vocational education and training tailored to the needs of local labour markets.

Our programmes and initiatives contribute to the achievement of Georgia’s national Sustainable Development Goals and draw progress on the path to European integration.


of Georgians

live in poverty (2021)


of Georgians

live in rural areas (2018)


of Georgians

are unemployed (2021)


In depth

In close partnership with Georgia’s government, civil society, the private sector and communities, UNDP inspires progress across the key areas of the economy:

  • Sustainable and diverse rural development
  • Systemic reforms in vocational education and training
  • Competitive private sector
  • Innovation and digitalization
  • Climate-smart growth and green economy solutions