Photo: UNDP Georgia/Leli Blagonravova

Our focus

Environment & Energy


UNDP’s Environment & Energy Programme assists Georgia to expand access to green solutions and make the environmental agenda and climate action an integral part of development.

Our partnership with national and local governments, research institutions, civil society, the private sector, communities and international organizations allows us to support the adoption of sustainable policies, carry out comprehensive research and roll out green initiatives in every region of Georgia.



prone to climate-induced disasters


renewable energy

in total primary energy supply (2020)


protected areas

In depth

Once known as a biodiversity hotspot, teeming with life, Georgia now faces significant environmental challenges caused by both direct human activity and the global consequences of climate change.

The country is highly vulnerable to climatic events that have become more frequent in recent years. Its unique biodiversity and rich natural resources are threatened by climate change and over-exploitation. Uneven enforcement of the environmental legislation, unsustainable use of natural resources, and delays to introduce sustainable urban development and waste management practices lead to biodiversity loss, land and forest degradation, and air and water pollution.

In the energy sector, Georgia strives to ensure long-term energy security but continues to depend on external sources and fossil fuels. The insufficient use of renewables and low efficiency in energy supply and consumption remain a challenge.

UNDP addresses key areas associated with environmental protection and disaster risk management.

We promote biodiversity conservation, the use of renewable energy, sustainable urban development and waste management, and the gradual elimination of harmful substances from the environment. 

Climate action is central to all our programmes in Georgia. We assist the country to rethink its climate policies, protect people and the economy from the adverse effects of climate change, and fulfil its national commitments under the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.